Kitchen & Bar Kajanus serves flavors in a cozy atmosphere by the Kajaani River. Welcome to enjoy our restaurant together with loved ones, friends, or colleagues.


Our restaurant is open
WED-SAT 5-10 PM (kitchen closes at 9:30 PM)
For groups of over 10 people, reservations are also available at other times by appointment!

In addition to regular hours, the restaurant will also be open on Monday and Tuesday, May 20th-21st, from 5 PM to 10 PM, with the kitchen open until 9:30 PM.

For groups of over 6 people, you can make a table reservation by calling 010 230 5400.

You can easily and quickly get your favorite dishes from the bar side!

It’s easy to reach us – parking is free, and you can easily walk to the restaurant from the city center across the bridge over the river.

Read our Oiva report here.

Are you planning an event or celebration?

Our restaurant offers facilities for events and celebrations for up to 200 people.

For groups of over 20 people, we offer buffet dining: Buffet Dinner €34/person (includes starter, main course, dessert) Buffet Lunch €19/person (includes salad bar, main course, dessert)

Kitchen & Bar Kajanus Menu



Savory waffles 11 €
With Shrimp
With Smoked Reindeer Mousse (L)
Drink recommendation: Ernst Ludvig Riesling -white wine

Summer salmon soup (L,G)
Large 19€ / Small 12€
Creamy salmon soup served with Pekka Heikkinen’s Ärjä Bread.
Drink recommendation: Ernst Ludvig Riesling -white wine

Asparagus soup with mascarpone (L, G)
Small 12 € / Large 19 €

Asparagus soup served with mascarpone and fresh baguette bread.
Drink recommendation: Heineken Silver

Caesar salad (L) Large 11 € / Small 6 € 
Romaine salad, baguette
Also available gluten-free.
Drink recommendation: Faustino VII White 18, 75cl -white wine

Green salad (M) Large 10€ / Small 5€
Green salad, cherry tomato, pickled red cabbage, mixed seeds, raspberry vinaigrette, baguette
Also available gluten-free.
Drink recommendation: Faustino VII White 18, 75cl -white wine


Chicken +6 € 
Shrimp +6 € 
Goat cheese +6€


Salmon bread spread & 18 € 
Pan-seared salmon, fried egg, asparagus, shrimp, and white bread.

Riverside Burger (L) 20€
Dark “reissumies” whole wheat bread. Salmon pike steaks, tomato, pickled cucumber, pickled red onion, remoulade, dill aioli, salad, lemon wedges.
Drink recommendation: Haapala Brewery’s Vaarojen Vaalea Blonde Ale

Kajanus Burger (L) 18 € 
Pekka Heikkinen’s brioche bun, domestic Ole Premium steak 180 g, bacon, cheddar, tomato, pickle, salad, hamburger mayonnaise, umami ketchup and coleslaw.
Also available as gluten-free and vegan
Drink recommendation: Haapala Brewery’s Vaarojen Vaalea Blonde Ale


Drink recommendation: Lahti Special Summer 2024 0,5L


Criss cuts 7€
Sweet potato fries 6€
House potato wedges 6€
French fries 5€
Onion rings 6€

Dips 2 € / each
Aioli, Chilimayo, Hamburger dressing, Remoulade


Pike-perch & artichoke risotto (L, G) 29 €
Pan-seared pike-perch seasoned with rosemary, served with
artichoke risotto.
Drink recommendation: Ernst Ludvig Riesling -white wine

Chicken & goat cheese (L) 25 €
Chicken with goat cheese and marinated cherry tomatoes, served
with a small Caesar salad (contains fish).
Drink recommendation: Lahti Special Neipa

Entrecôte with blueberry & blue cheese salad (L, G) 38 €
Entrecôte steak served with parsnip, potatoes and herb butter,
accompanied by a blueberry and blue cheese salad.
Drink recommendation: Dominio de Punctum Syrah -red wine

Lamb-Krakow sausage & cabbage salad (L, G) 16 € 
Lamb-Krakow sausage from Kurkimäki Lamb Farm in Kainuu, served
with Kajanus house tar mustard and cabbage salad.
Drink recommendation: Haapala Brewery Beers (GL)

Bean & chanterelle patties (VEG, G, M) 20 €
Juicy vegan mushroom patties made from chickpeas, kidney beans,
and chanterelles, served with sun-dried tomato and onion bake, and
vegan mint mayonnaise.
Drink recommendation: Dominio de Punctum Syrah -red wine


Strawberry “Brita” cake (L) 10
Lacquer mousse heart with caramel

Huuskola farm’s Ice Cream from Kainuu
Mango sorbet (M,G,L)
Bailey’s ice cream (G,L)

Traditional ice creams with your choice of sauce 4€/ball
Ice creams: Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
Sauces: Chocolate, strawberry and caramel

for children

Build your own skewer 12€
Choose any two from the following:
Salmon-Cucumber (M, L)
Chicken-Pineapple (M, G)
Meatball-Tomato (M, G)
Sausage-Pepper (M, G)
Potato Options: mashed potatoes, French fries,
potato wedges

Children’s burger 12 €

The origin of the meat is Finland